Bandwagon Roadshow, Revered Horten Heat

Music-Car show & Art Festival


Music Festivals are widely known to provide exceptional maketing value to companies trying to reach the highly targeted Millennial generation. Bandwagon's particular appeal to consumers with the interests in both lifestyle products and automotive culture creates opportunities for  key  categories to reach and connect with prime youth demographics. 

Bandwagon's communal vibe and street-level appeal creates an on road for hands on., grassroots product  activations that are proven to be effective. Immmersive site plansand stage interactions allow marketing partners to take a "front seat" to the action on the festival field. Promotional roadshows lead up to each festival, and provide auto-related sponsors the benefit of touring America's highways and featured drivers and celebrities.


“Live music sponsorships are highly effective at reaching consumers in a very targeted and efficient manner. That’s why brands keep coming back” Billboard Magazine 

MCK produces an annual touring festival known as the Bandwagon Roadshow- alive immersive experience that connects motor enthusiasts who share a passion for live music and a love for custom & vintage automobiles. We believe the Bandwagon experience produces positive benefits for the world’s auto industry, and will consolidate interests in a highly valued, alternative car culture now emerging on a global scale.  

The result is a highly engaging and memorable lifestyle brand, which not only provides world class entertainment and valuable marketing opportunities but delivers the needs of emerging automotive culture of the new millennia. 


Music festivals have proven to be a successful marketing strategy for companies trying to reach the highly targeted Millennial generation. Bandwagon’s appeal to young consumers, who have interests in the automobile sector, creates sponsor integration opportunities that allow companies to reach and connect with a prime customer. 

Marketing partnerships will play an integral part in the success of Bandwagon, and the communal vibe & culture of the festival allows sponsors to interact with the potential customers through hands on, grassroots methods… which are proven to be effective. 

As car culture continues to impact youth trends around the world, Bandwagon will continue to provide an inroad for brands desiring t make an impact in the automotive lifestyle segment.  

The Bandwagon Roadshow offers diverse marketing opportunities across many media and promotional platforms to create unique product integrations for both regional (single festival) and national (Multiple Market) sponsors.